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hello to everyone!

feel free to post and reply to this and be sure to join...
(to do so just go click user info and then join community.)

there are only a few rules and they can be found on that page as well, but since this is a new site, i will post them right here too!


-anyone can post their opinion here
-it is open membership
-you can not flame anyone for liking a particular ship (however you can debate)
-You must have a solid backing for liking the pair you choose from
-and it wouldn't hurt if you have seen or read something from the Harry Potter series. (which we do not own: that belongs to the talented Ms. J.K. Rowling)

Now ya got the rules, so get to it. post your opinions!!
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I know there are plenty of those who want to dispute the R/Hr vs. HHr on the interview of JKR where she seems to indicate that Ron and Hermione tension is brewing. I agree they seem to be heading that direction, except that she is talking to children. Adults recognize the beginnings of puppy love and a crush in the making. That is exactly what is happening. JKR has made it very clear that she doesn't intend to give Harry too many distractions by the way she writes. How much time does the savior of the magical world have to spend wooing a teenage girl?

Debate? There is no debate. Harry and Hermione at this point are closer than Ron and Hermione. If you don't think so why was Hermione trailing Harry not Ron in the Department of Mysteries?

1. Hermione would risk everything for the boy she loves.

2. Or, she (Hermione) felt safer with Harry. I think that is foolish, because more danger follows Harry. What's the reason then in this scenario? Either it is number 3 below, or as I maintain...number 1.

3. Or, Hermione believes Harry needed the help. This is logical and reasonable. I know a lot of people I care a lot about that I would not face death for if I had time to think about it. She had time. She went from Hogwarts to the Ministry with time to think about it.

4. Finally, I am no fortune-teller and I freely admit that I am a romantic. I will never believe that a Ron and Hermione liaison will be anything beyond a youthful fancy. If Harry dies, Hermione will mourn more than any other character. Yes, it will be because it is her nature. But it will also be for the love never realized. He may never let her close enough.

To cover the last of my arguments on this subject, one last point: JKR is telling a story that doesn't have a lot of room for love affairs. Whatever happens, the love affair will be a secondary story unless as we all know love is the strongest thing in any universe. It will be her love that propels Harry to victory...or you are resigned to the death of Harry Potter.


I joined. =D
I also posted my whole opinion thing in a seperate post entirely. Complete with LJ cut due to length.